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Before 1st of March bookings must be done through KingFishcer Reisen.

Fishing regulations

There is no charge for fishing in the sea. Foreign citizens may engage in sports fishing with hand held tackle, but may not set out fixed equipments such as pots, nets or long lines. In Norway it is illegal to use living animals or fish as bait. If you are a sport diver it is not allowed to catch lobsters.

Fish farms can be damaged by boats and fishing equipment with the result that farmed fish can escape. This is not olnly a problem for the fish farmers; it is also a threat to the natural and wild stocks of salmon and trout. When fishing in an area with sea farms is not allowed to be nearer than 100 meters. Further there is a general ban on traffic of all kinds within 20 meters from the fish farming plants. The same rules must be followed when fishing near a tow-net or a seine enclosures that are moored ashore or anchored by any other means.

Foreign citizens are not allowed to sell their catches. As a recreational fisherman you are not allowed to export more than 15 kilogram of fish or porcessed fish products (sush as fillets). In addition you are allowed to export a trophy fish (a whole fish). Freshwater species, such as salmon, trout and char are not subject to the quota of 15 kilogram.