Austevoll Kystferie


5397 Bekkjarvik, Norwegen


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telephone: + 47 906 51 999

telefax: + 47 55085475


Before 1st of March bookings must be done through KingFishcer Reisen.


Austevoll Kystferie AS focus on safety and we have routines and procedures in place to ensure this. We also recommend our guests to have high focus on safety during their stay.

Austevoll Kystferie AS will supply necessary facilities and equipment to have as high safety as possible, but the our guests must be responsible for own safety through behaviour, attitude and pay attention to weather forecast. Our guests must ensure to have necessary training and attitude to safety. Austevoll Kystferie will ensure that our knowledge about equipment and the waters around Selbjørn is available at request to ensure a safe stay.

Our guests should be specially aware of the general risks by being on the sea, and must take necessary precausions including judgement of the local weather conditions. The seawater areas around Selbjørn are very nice in good weather, but with the North Sea just west of Selbjørn the bad weather could be quite challenging. Stay onshore - if uncertain!

Weather forecasts are available in local news (newspapers and radio/tv) and Austevoll Kystferie AS can supply updated weather forecast on request.

Life jackets are included and shall always be used onboard a boat.

Children under the age of 16 should use boats only together with adults.